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Hi, my name is Lauren! I’m a Vancouver-based Marketer and Digital Content Producer.

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I have a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree from Trinity Western University, and I’ve always loved capturing moments and sharing stories through visual media.


My journey began with photography, but has since grown to include producing social media content, podcasts, and a bit of video content. Since realizing this passion could lead to a career, I completed a diploma in Digital Marketing from RED Academy in the Summer of 2019.


I'm currently a Customer Support Specialist at Jane, but most recently in my marketing and content career, I was the Marketing & Community Coordinator at Launch Academy.

Entrepreneurship to me means an opportunity to serve and bless others every day by doing something that you’re excited and passionate about, and because of this, entrepreneurs and startups have a very special place in my heart.​

I have a huge passion for helping people put their best foot forward online, and look forward to having the privilege of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create and distribute digital content that will transform their audience.

I love the real, the raw, and the authentic; especially the content that I create, and my main goal is connection – Whether it’s during a shoot or through a screen, so please don’t hesitate to hit one of the links below or shoot me an email


Let’s get connected!

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